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Sizing Guide

We acknowledge that it might be foreign to some of us not to try on our underwear or pj's before we buy so we have carefully measured the snug fitting bits of the lingerie and sleepwear we sell.

Measure the parts of your body that are applicable with either a piece of string and a ruler or the old fashioned way, with a tape measure, to make sure you buy the right size. For the under-bust size, measure around your back and across just below your breasts, for hip size make sure you measure across your hip bone and for thigh size, pick the widest part of your thigh, just below your bottom.

Please remember that for hygienic reasons panties cannot be exchanged.

These are the centimeter measurements that apply to each size:

SizeHip (cm)Thigh (cm)Under-Bust (cm)
Size 38 105 – 110 61 – 63 84 – 89
Size 36 99 – 104 58 – 60 78 – 83
Size 34 93 – 98 55 – 57 73 – 77
Size 32 87 – 92 52 – 54 68 – 72