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How to Clean Your Sex Toys

For both maintenance and sanitary reasons, it’s important that you clean your sex toys before using them for the first time and then again each time before and after use. This will ensure that you stay healthy and will extend the life of the toy.

While cleaning always check for rips, cracks and tears as these could possibly trap dirt and bacteria. It’s also advisable for extra safety to use a condom with your toys, especially with anal sex toys or if you are sharing your toys with a partner. With or without a condom and or a partner, always apply a generous dollop of water based lubricant for both extra protection and extra comfort.

Most sex toys come with their own cleaning instructions which you should read and follow but as a general guideline this is how to keep them fresh and fun to use: 

Remove batteries when not in use. Gently clean with soap and water, rinse well, then wipe dry with a soft cloth and leave to air before storing in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. Some toys which are made from certain substances and which do not have batteries or an electrical system can be cleaned in the dishwasher or boiled for about two minutes before being rinsed and dried as above, but always check the instructions before trying this. 

For a healthier alternative to alkaline soap and water we suggest that you use our range of Nature Fresh products.

The Probiotic Spray is quick and convenient to use directly on sex toys before and after use. It contains antioxidant mineral selenium and colloidal silver to enhance its germ fighting effects. This liquid concentrate of 15 strains of probiotics optimises natal beneficial bacteria in order to maintain a healthy intimate environment in which the microbes consume candida and help to keep this under control.

Alternatively both Tea Tree and Rooibos Personal Cleaners, both of which were perfected under the guidance of some of Cape Town's leading pharmacists and gynaecologists, can be used with water to clean your sex toys. These are made with herbal
extracts and are free of perfume, harsh chemical additives and colouring.

They are also mild enough to use on sensitive skin for your personal hygiene and we suggest that after sex, (sperm is pH10) you wash, bath, shower or douche with these instead of using overly alkaline soaps (pH 9 - 11). By cleaning with our personal cleaners which have the unique pH balance of between 3.5 and 4 natural vaginal acidity will be restored in no time at all.