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How to clean your sex toys

It’s always good practice, for both maintenance and sanitary reasons, to clean sex toys before using them for the first time. After that, you should clean them before and after each use. Most toys come with their own cleaning instructions and it’s a good idea to read and follow these, but as a general rule, if you go by the tips listed below, you’ll ensure that your shared toys continue to bring much pleasure to the party for many years to come.

Some toys are dishwasher safe

If your toys have batteries, always remove these when they’re not in use and particularly before cleaning. Then clean carefully with soap (preferably pH neutral) and water, rinse well, wipe dry with a soft cloth and leave to air before storing in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. Alternatively, if they are made from the right substances, do not have an electrical system which is exposed and, most importantly, the instructions say you can, place them in the dishwasher or boil them for about two minutes and then rinse and dry as above.

Share and share alike

While cleaning, always check for rips, cracks and tears as these could possibly trap dirt and bacteria, and if you find any of these, it’s time to discard, replace and move on. It’s also advisable for extra safety to use a condom, especially with anal sex toys or when sharing toys with a partner. With or without a condom and or a partner, always apply a generous dollop of water based lubricant for both extra protection and extra comfort.

Keep the balance right

Natural vaginal acidity is between 3.5 and 4 whereas, sperm has a pH of 10 and standard alkaline supermarket soaps have a pH of 9 to 11, neither of which is ideal for your intimate areas. This means that after sex or when using toys washed in ordinary soap, our vaginal balance is disturbed and this can lead to discomfort if the correct pH is not restored.

It therefore follows that pH neutral soap solutions are preferable to alkaline soap and water when it comes to our most intimate areas and it makes good sense to invest in a range of cleansers, such as locally produced Nature Fresh, for both personal use and for cleaning our toys.

This range includes the very effective Probiotic Spray, which is quick and convenient for direct use on sex toys and an added advantage is that it contains antioxidant mineral selenium and colloidal silver to enhance its germ fighting effects.

Nature Fresh also offers two intimate cleansers, Tea Tree and Rooibos, which are free of perfume, harsh chemical additives and colouring and which can be used for both your personal hygiene purposes and for cleaning toys. There is nothing wrong with a saucy imagination and a little dirty talk but it is important for us to keep ourselves clean and our toys pristine.

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