Lady Fay's Boudoir is a seductive, transformative space for you to escape everyday, let loose your fantasies and liberate your saucy side.

Our carefully curated range of sex toys and accessories allows for delicious explorations in sexual pleasure - whatever your life stage, relationship status or level of experience.
Sex toys and Lingerie Sex toys and Lingerie Sex toys and Lingerie Sex toys and Lingerie Sex toys and Lingerie

Liberate your saucy side with Lady Fay's carefully curated range of vibrators, sex toys and lingerie

Lady Fay's Boudoir, run entirely by women, focuses specifically on women and their sexual pleasure. Our site is the antidote to the type of South African websites that make sexual exploration scary, tacky and generally unappealing to real women.

The best place to start is to give yourself permission to seek out what sex toys and lingerie work best for you and your relationship. To make the selection process easier we have arranged our sex toys and lingerie by life stage, relationship status and level of experience. So whether you are a beginner sex toy user, more adventurous with your choices, in a long distance relationship, arranging a bachelorette party, going solo, trying to get pregnant, a mom exploring her sensual side or wanting to cure your relationship’s 7 year itch, we have a range of sensual lingerie and luxury sex toys for you to try.

Bswish Bcute Classic | Mini Vibrators

This 3” multi-speed, waterproof massager will leave you completely fulfilled. Be Spontaneous. Let its silky touch guide you from whisper-soft vibrations to an explosive massage...
R 470,00

Feelz Toys Cogilia | Anal Beads

Reach new peaks of pleasure with Feelz Toys Cogilia Anal Beads that are designed to hit all the right spots and are designed to please anal beginners and experienced users alike. The ultra smooth body-safe silicone contains no nasties like latex or phthalates and are easy to clean with mild soap and water. Cogilia Anal Beads are easy to remove with the attached loop.
R 360,00

Fun Factory Jazzie | Mini Vibrator

Who says you can't have a ton of fun on a budget? Fun Factory's Jazzie sports a powerful motor and an enticing, versatile shape perfect for solo play or partner sex. Made of body-safe silicone and is submersible waterproof, with an intuitive on/off control — just twist the cap.
R 690,00

Fun Factory Karim Rashid Storage Bag | Sex Toy Accessories

Fun Factory has unveiled an exclusive, limited-edition bag created with Karim Rashid. With a wink and a nod to their irreverent aesthetic, Rashid has designed a playful interpretation of Fun Factory's classic toys in a colorful and bold pattern. Simple, yet intriguing, the travel-ready bag is ideal for make-up storage and of course, discreet toy storage. Made of antimicrobial Tyvek by DuPont, the durable, water-resistant bag will stand the test of time.
R 399,00

Swan Wonderlust Clarity | Ben-wa Balls

Swan Wonderlust Clarity vibrating Kegel balls offers high end pelvic training at an affordable price and they’re equipped with no less than 20 functions for personalised toning, training and tightening. Stronger Kegels give you more intense orgasms, and give you control over the way you use your muscles, resulting in better sex and better solo pleasure.
R 690,00

Swan Wonderlust Serenity | G-spot Vibrators

Swan Wonderlust Serenity is a new way to experience the sought after features of high-end luxury products in a more affordable way. With its superior engineering, Swan Wonderlust Serenity is able to provide intense vibrations, water-resistant features, seductive shapes and beautiful colours opening the doors of pleasure for anyone.
R 725,00

The Swan Hug Squeeze Me | Rabbit Vibrators

The Swan Hug Squeeze Me is a squeeze-controlled rabbit vibrator that reacts to pressure delivering customized pleasure. With pressure-sensitive technology that responds to how hard you squeeze - simply put, the stronger you squeeze, the more it will please!
R 2 025,00

The Womanizer Pro 40 Magenta | Clitoral Vibrator

The Womanizer Pro 40 is the perfect introductory toy for those new to the Womanizer experience. Although introduced as Womanizer's entry-level and budget-friendly version within the Womanizer range, there is one thing that sets it apart from its sister product, the Womanizer Pro W500 - it is 100% waterproof and is able to work under water!
R 1 969,00

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