Lady Fay's Boudoir is a seductive, transformative space for you to escape everyday, let loose your fantasies and liberate your saucy side.

Our carefully curated range of sex toys and accessories allows for delicious explorations in sexual pleasure - whatever your life stage, relationship status or level of experience.

Liberate your saucy side with Lady Fay's carefully curated range of vibrators, sex toys and lingerie

Lady Fay's Boudoir, run entirely by women, focuses specifically on women and their sexual pleasure. Our site is the antidote to the type of South African websites that make sexual exploration scary, tacky and generally unappealing to real women.

The best place to start is to give yourself permission to seek out what sex toys and lingerie work best for you and your relationship. To make the selection process easier we have arranged our sex toys and lingerie by life stage, relationship status and level of experience. So whether you are a beginner sex toy user, more adventurous with your choices, in a long distance relationship, arranging a bachelorette party, going solo, trying to get pregnant, a mom exploring her sensual side or wanting to cure your relationship’s 7 year itch, we have a range of sensual lingerie and luxury sex toys for you to try.

B Swish Bcute Curve | Mini Vibrators

B Swish hits the spot with this curved massager thanks to its uniquely shaped tip and smooth silhouette. This 3” multi-speed waterproof massager will satisfy you. Be discovered...
R 460,00 R 220,00

B Swish Bcute Classic | Mini Vibrators

This 3” multi-speed, waterproof massager will leave you completely fulfilled. Be Spontaneous. Let its silky touch guide you from whisper-soft vibrations to an explosive massage...
R 460,00 R 220,00

Bad Kitty Remote Control Vibro Egg | Vibrating Egg

Vibrating love eggs are designed to be discreet and compact for precise stimulation and are the perfect toy for foreplay and masturbation, alone or with your partner.
R 950,00 R 365,00

Fifty Shades of Grey Please, Sir Flogger | Bondage

Perfectly sized for travel, this shortened flogger whip is halfway between a genital flogger and a full-sized flogger, making it ideal for delivering delicious stings to any part of your lover's body. 
R 670,00 R 295,00

Fifty Shades of Grey Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie | Bondage

Rules were made to be broken, while soft limits were made for exploration. Push the boundaries into a journey of sexual discovery with the official Fifty Shades of Grey wrist tie. Soft, sensual and easy to use, it's a perfect introduction to bondage.
R 495,00 R 190,00

Fifty Shades of Grey Wickedly Tempting | Clitoral Vibrator

Indulge in powerful stimulation with the Wickedly Tempting Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator. Direct the smooth tip to your clitoris and unleash the 6 thrilling vibration modes to bring you to an explosive climax during solo or shared play.
R 1 300,00 R 490,00

Fun Factory Smartball Teneo Uno | Ben-wa Balls

Fun Factory Smartball Teneo Uno  have been getting a lot of attention recently, and for good reason! It's been proven that strong pelvic floor muscles can contribute to a healthier sex life...
R 450,00 R 250,00

Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Duo | Ben-wa Balls

The Fun Factory Teneo Duo Smartballs are uniquely designed by Fun Factory, to provide a targeted strengthening workout of the pelvic floor (PC) muscles.
R 570,00 R 230,00

I Rub My Duckie Paris | Clitoral Vibrators

I Rub My Duckie is the vibrating rubber duckie that started a revolution in discreet personal massagers and is the most adorable and entertaining bath companion one could wish for.
R 450,00 R 190,00

Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray | Enhancing Gels & Sprays

Intimate Organics Adventure Anal Relaxing Spray's unique formula contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass.
R 470,00 R 220,00

Intimate Organics Chai Vanilla | Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Intensify your body and soul with Chai Aromatherapy Massage Oil. The Chai blend has a spicy, cinnamon scent to please your senses as well as your body. This will act as an aphrodisiac and provide a sense of allure and desire.
R 350,00 R 175,00

Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel | Lubricants

Intimate Organics understands that not all women are created  the same. Some women need an extra boost. Intense Clitoral Gel has a higher concentration of natural Japanese peppermint oil than the Gentle Clitoral Gel. Can be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and clitoral stimulation with a toy.
R 490,00 R 225,00

Intimate Organics Toasted Macadamia | Lubricant

With a scent that’s a mixture of caramel corn and salty but sweet mixed nuts, the Toasted Macadamia lubricant is a far cry from the traditional fruity or sugary flavors you’ll likely find with other brands.
R 350,00 R 175,00

Intimate Organics Vanilla Caramel | Lubricant

When it comes to lubricants that taste and smell like dessert, the Vanilla Caramel lubricant by Intimate Organics is as close as you’ll get. With a tantalizing sugary scent that’s creamy, syrupy and sweet, this is by far one of our favourites in the collection. As for the flavour, the best way to describe it is to imagine a slightly browned and still warm, fresh from the oven vanilla pastry, smothered in a thick and rich caramel sauce, topped with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. Yes, it really is that good!
R 350,00 R 175,00

Je Joue Ami | Ben-wa Balls

Je Joue has taken its cue from the best medical and pleasure products available when creating these bestselling Ami Ben Wa balls.  They strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles and are ideal for those wishing to regain their Kegel strength after child-birth and increase their pleasure during love-making.
R 1 200,00 R 650,00

Lelo Luna Beads | Ben-wa Balls

For women seeking stronger orgasms and more intense intimate sensations, Lelo Luna Beads are the bestselling pleasure bead system in the world.
R 1 310,00 R 390,00

Lelo Smart Wand | Dildo Vibrators

The Lelo Smart Wand dildo is a handheld vibrating wand massager that can also be used to relax the muscles of your legs, back, shoulders and neck anywhere and anytime.
R 3 455,00 R 995,00

Lelo Tiani 3 | Clitoral Vibrators

The Tiani 3 is the new and improved version of LELO’s original Red Dot Design Award-winning couples’ massager, worn by women when making love.
R 3 500,00 R 1 200,00

Nature Fresh Probiotic Spray | Cleansers

We advise that all sex toys should be sterilised before and after use. As an alternative to alkaline soap and water, Nature Fresh Probiotic Spray is a liquid concentrate of 15 strains of probiotics to optimise natural beneficial bacteria in order to maintain a healthy intimate environment. 
R 95,00 R 60,00

Nature Fresh Tea Tree | Lubricants

Nature Fresh Tea Tree personal lubricant is a medicated gel for minor genital discomforts like dryness, itching or burning. It can be used directly on inner and outer vaginal areas or skin rashes. This new formulation is pH compatible with the inner mucous surface. Tea Tree Oil is a well known remedy for thrush, minor infections & irritations.
R 55,00 R 35,00

Nature Fresh Tribulus Terrestris Tincture | Libido Enhancer

Tribulus Terrestris tincture is a high potency testosterone booster for both men and women. It is especially effective in mid-life and old age. Also helpful for urinary and prostate disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol.
R 80,00 R 40,00

Nature Fresh Wild Rose | Lubricants

A wicked and sensuous blend of Kama Sutra oils, revered by Sultans and their hundreds of wives, Nature Fresh Wild Rose Personal Lubricant has an immediate effect when applied to the penis, vaginal areas and of course, sex toys.
R 55,00 R 35,00

Rocks-Off Naughty Boy | Prostate Stimulators

The Rocks-Off Naughty Boy silicon prostate stimulator is just what every man needs as an introduction to p-spot stimulation for more intense male orgasms. This high quality anal sex toy is both a prostate stimulator and perineum massager.
R 1 410,00 R 550,00

Rocks-Off Rude Boy | Prostate Stimulators

Rocks Off Rude Boy is an extra clever dual P-Spot stimulator that's oh so easy to use. Rude Boy's mid-size girth ensures you get firm and fitted stimulation together with perineum massage. The unique hands free design gives you the extra freedom to play with yourself or why not tantalise your partner whilst Rude Boy delivers you an explosive treat.
R 1 100,00 R 550,00

The Womanizer W100 Magenta | Clitoral Vibrators

The Womanizer W100 Magenta clitoral vibrator is simply one of the most interesting and ground-breaking products to arrive on the market in a long time. With The Womanizer, you'll have amazing orgasms more often and more intense than ever!
R 3 860,00 R 1 750,00

Whet Extra Virgin | Lubricants

Whet Personal Lubricant is water- based so it’s the most similar to our natural body fluids and water-soluble making it easy to wash off. Has a vagina friendly pH (a healthy vagina has a slightly acidic pH of between 3.8 – 4.5 pH)
R 55,00 R 35,00

Whet Very SlipBerry | Lubricants

Whet Personal Lubricant is water- based so it’s the most similar to our natural body fluids and water-soluble making it easy to wash off. Has a vagina friendly pH (a healthy vagina has a slightly acidic pH of between 3.8 – 4.5 pH)
R 55,00 R 35,00

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